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Mundahlia Interview with RJ Gonzales!

Question 1: In your Mundahlia Q&A video you said that your two main characters names, well, the first letters, spell your name. Are you sure that wasn't intentional?

-I am 100% positive that the coincidence between my nickname (RJ) and my character names (Rini & Jett) was NOT intentional (at first) After I'd written the first REAL draft (My characters were not yet named in the 5 page story that inspired Mundahlia) I finally noticed it and was struck with immediate joy! I guess since I put a little of myself into those two characters as well as a few others, my mind automatically chose the names that fit perfectly. :D

Q2: I'm always curious about different author's writing processes. What was yours like?

-Well BEFORE I even begin to write, I listen to music, dream, and live. Dreams are very valuable. They offer you these intense spins on the real world and open up your creativity. Music is the soundtrack to those intense spins or ideas that spring from your dreams and sometimes help you build up a story. And Living, is another key point. You need to draw inspiration from somewhere, and LIFE is the ever-pouring fountain. You never know what will inspire you.

Q3: Which character was your favourite to write?

-Rini. She was definitely my favorite character to write. (One of them at least) She's sassy, sarcastic, headstrong, and sticks up for herself when she's being bullied, and it was extremely easy when writing through her point of view in comparison to Jett's.

Q4: Was there ever a time when you just wanted to stop and try something new?

-Many Times. But I used that time to start up a second novel. When I got my thirst for continuing the first, I went back and finished it. Now I am midway through my second novel, starting up on a third.

Q6: I know you are an indie author, how is that different from having a book deal?
-An indie author is someone who takes the initiative (and some money) to publish a book on their own. Without an advance check, or the extra help and massive distribution another author would get if they had a deal with a major company.

Q7: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

-I would tell aspiring writers/authors to NEVER give up. As long as you feel love for your story and love what you are doing, then nothing will ever stand in the way. Also, Dream, Listen and Live. "Dreams are the layout of your future, all that's left to do is build."

Q8: Some authors, I have noticed, have a specific preference to when they write. Some write all night and sleep all day, and obviously, vice versa. What was your preference?

-For me it has been a bit of both. Some nights I am restless and basically become nocturnal like a bat or an owl. Some days I write during the day. But Sometimes I don't write at all. I take breaks in between writing to live or just laze around. Nobody has to be a shut in writer.

Q9: Did you ever think when you started writing Mundahlia that it would result in you becoming an indie author?

-At first, no. I dreamed of landing an agent and publishing house, and even queried several, but as many (if not ALL, say) "Publishing is a highly subjective business."
So after a while of waiting around (which takes a while depending on the agent/publishing house) I decided to do everything that takes a team of about 10 or more people to do, on my own.

Q10: Finally, who are your influences in the writing world?
There are too many to name and I will dedicate a separate post to this topic on my blog sometime, but near the top of the list:

Simone Elkeles, is one of my favorite authors. I love how she can create that raw, realistic emotion. So, she is definitely one of my inspirations/influences.

Another is Stephenie Meyer, I fell in love with Twilight. The fact that a book can make you feel love is exceptional! And I have no clue why there is so many "haters" saying that she is a bad author and her books suck and what not, I thought Twilight was amazing and Stephenie Meyer is definitely another influential author to me.

Thank you so much for interviewing me! :D

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